Reading the Reconciliation Summary

The Reconcile tab gives you a quick look at all your reconciled and unreconciled entries. The quick summary shows the amount of your previous reconciled entries on the left-hand side, and the amount of your current unfinished entries on the right-hand side. The previous reconciled entries section also tells you the date it was reconciled, […]

Viewing A Break Down of the Reconciliation Summary

To determine the main sources of your cash inflows and outflows, look at the detailed views. To do this in your Previous Reconciliation tab: Click on the word view. To determine your main sources of cash, the tree view¬†will give you a visual look. The longer the colored bar, the more cash the category has. […]

Viewing Historical Reconciliation Summaries and Full Reports

The History tab on your Reconcile page will give you a summary and a full report. You default view is a summary of your reconciliation. It shows your reconciliation, the date it was completed and who it was completed by, your previous balance, net cash and cash balance.   To view a full report: Click […]