Forecasting Data

Changing Time Basis on the Runway Report

Sometimes you want to take a look at your weekly projected cash balances. In other instances, you need to check your daily or monthly numbers. By default, the Runway Report is set to a weekly view. To change the time basis on the runway report: Right above the line graph you will see a dropdown […]

Edit or Delete Cash Entry in Monthly Snapshot

Entries can be edited or deleted within the Monthly Snapshot. To do this: Go to Monthly Snapshot. Click on the pencil icon next to an entry to start making changes. Once in the editor, you can make changes to the: Status of the entry The amount The type from Cash-in to Cash-out or vice versa […]

Filters in Cash Summary

The filters in the Cash Summary can help you easily sort through your cash entries. To filter your cash summary, click on the blue plus sign next to the word “Filters” Choose a filter from the drop down menu. Pick from category, payee, payment date, due date, invoice date, memo, ref info, tag, reconciliation Multiple […]

Select Time Basis in Cash Summary

In your Cash Summary, you can change the time basis of the report and choose from Daily, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. To Select Your Time Basis:  Navigate to the drop down menu on the right-hand side and click on the down arrow. Choose the time basis you want to view. The more frequent your time […]

Graph and Table Showing Cash Inflows and Outflows

All of your summaries are set up to view your cash-ins and cash-outs in two easy-to-read forms, a graph and a table. To read your graph: You will see a line down the middle. This indicates today’s date. The green upward bars are your cash-ins. The gray downward bars are your cash-outs. The black dot […]

Select Type of Schedule Basis: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly

The cash flow charts can show you the ins and outs of your money. To switch between the different schedules (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly): Click on the desired tab to easily and quickly toggle between the different time durations. Here’s an example of a quarterly cash flow chart: Related Articles Changing Time Basis […]

Select Duration on Cash Flow Table

For any of your cash flow views (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly) you can choose the duration you want to review. To do this: Click on the edit button next the dates. Enter the start and end date you want to view. Add any tags you want to include to get even more specific […]

Open Visuals Button

The visuals give you a clearer look at your entries and categories and the weight each one holds. To open your visuals view: On the right side, find the button labeled “Visuals” Clicking the grayed out area switches the visuals button from off to on Your chart will now include colored dots. The colors coordinate […]