Inputting & Exporting Data

How Do I Input a New Projection?

In this overview Select Repeat Type Select Frequency Select Schedule Select Amount To input a new projection, select “New Projection” under “Data Input” in the navigation menu.   Select Repeat Type We have 6 types of commonly repeated entries. Choose from amounts to percentages. You can use these and adjust the dates to make the […]

What Is a Repeat Summary?

Sometimes you just need it all laid out in a sentence. The Repeat Summary does just that. It clearly sums up your value, repeat type, amount, frequency, and scehdule. Based on varying Repeat Types, here are some examples of what your Repeat Summary could look like: For Fixed Repeat Entries: For Range Repeat Entries: For […]

Visual Repeat Details

Once your cash entries are entered, the Visual Repeat Details area will give you a visual way to measure your cash. To see your Cash-In Entries in a bar graph: In Section 1, “Select Repeat Type, Amount and Frequency,” make sure to select “Cash-In.” In Section 2, “Visualize Repeat Details,” you will see your Cash-In […]

Enter Transaction Details

This section allows you to categorize and organize a single transaction entry.   Organize your cash transaction: Click on the Select Category to open up the drop down list of category options. If applicable, enter the payee of your cash transaction. Per your preference, you may enter a number or name as an internal reference. Enter […]

How To Enter Multiple Cash Entries All At Once

The Bulk Input feature is perfect for entering multiple cash entries simultaneously. Ways access the Bulk Input feature: From the Main Menu, head over to Input Data and then click on Bulk Input. From the New Projection page, click on the option to the right to access Bulk Input. Using the Bulk Input Feature: You […]

Export Data

While you can input your cash data into Cashvue, you can also easily export your data to use elsewhere.     This export function is available for tables such as those found on the Bulk Input page and the Cash Balance page. To export your table into a spreadsheet: Find the words “Export” and “Bulk […]

How Can I Bulk Edit/Delete?

If you need to edit or delete multiple entries at once, this can be done within your tables on the Bulk Input page or the Cash Balance pages.     To bulk edit/delete: Find the words “Export” and “Bulk Edit” on the top right of the table. Click on the word “Bulk Edit.” Check the […]

Entering a Single Cash Transaction

In this overview Create a New Cash Entry Fill Out Cash Entry Form Choose the Invoice Date Enter the Payment Terms Enter the Due Date Select Payment Date Enter a Payee Enter a Reference Enter a Memo Create Tags Complete Your New Cash Entry   Create a New Cash Entry  Click on the button in […]