To add new users, you must have an Administrator role.

To get started:

  • In your main menu, visit your Admin tab.
  • Enter the email address of your new user.
  • Choose the role and permission level you want to grant them.

Here’s a brief overview of the different types of roles:

A user with an Administrator role can:

  • Invite Users, Assign them Permission Levels,
  • Activate/Inactivate users, and
  • Everything that other Permission Levels can do.

A user with an Accountant role can:

  • Create, edit, delete Categories,
  • Create, edit, undo Reconciliations, and
  • Everything that Basic and View Only Permission Levels can do.

A user with a Basic role can:

  • Enter, Update, Delete Unreconciled Transactions,
  • Set and update Beginning Balance, and
  • Everything that View Only Permission Level can do.

A user with a View Only role can:

  • View transactions and visuals, and
  • Filter entries, analyze and visualize entries.

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